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We Believe That Public Speaking Is a Skill, Not a Talent

When you speak with confidence and authenticity, you command people’s attention, influence others, and move up in your career.

Do you have emerging leaders who shy away from speaking opportunities? Would you like to invest in and retain your top talent? What would it mean to your bottom line if everyone in your organization could speak with impact, both in-person and virtually? 

Global Public Speaking helps you:

  • Deliver compelling pitches and presentations
  • Confidently lead meetings, webinars, or conference calls
  • Present at conferences or moderate panels
  • Speak with poise on camera or to the media
  • Build relationships of trust with key stakeholders
  • Become thought a leader in your industry

Leadership Communication Programs Customized for You

Global Public Speaking is one of the world’s foremost training and coaching firms for public speaking and presentation skills. 

Through one-on-one communication coaching, group training, and online learning, we have created the most effective programs to build your speaking skills in any professional setting.

Our mission is to help people find their voice, build their communication skills, and find their confidence to speak up.

Meet the Team Ready to Help You Sharpen Your Skills

Our team of experts will help you speak with confidence and authenticity in your meetings, pitches, and presentations. With backgrounds that range from messaging to sales leadership to journalism, each trainer and coach brings their expertise, experience, and passion to their work with you.

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