Amplify your skills, amplify your confidence — using the power of AI

How can artificial intelligence make you a better public speaker? By helping you practice in between your coaching and training programs. We are thrilled to announce Amplify, Global Public Speaking’s new Instant Practice Platform powered by

AI will never replace a human coach, but it can significantly increase your ability to practice and improve. Record your speeches and get immediate AI-driven analytics, practice answering difficult questions, and share your speech with a friend or GPS coach for timestamped feedback. This is a game-changer for the future of public speaking!

Amplify AI public speaking platform

What are the Benefits?

Instant Practice as much as you want: record speeches directly onto the platform or play one of our impromptu games.

Track Your Progress through instant analytics on pacing, pausing, use of filler words, use of inclusive language, and other metrics. Play your speech back without filler words and hear how clear it sounds!

Receive Feedback from friends and colleagues. Our sharing tool makes it as easy to share your speech as it is to share a Google document. Receive time-stamped feedback.

Receive Coaching from an expert GPS Coach who can watch your speech recording and provide time-stamped feedback.

Ready to Amplify your skills and confidence?

Get access to the platform when you sign up for a coaching package with one of our GPS Senior Coaches.

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