We are proud to announce a new referral program:

Pause, Reflect, Refer.

Here’s how it works:

• PAUSE and breathe in the middle of your busy day
• REFLECT on how our workshops or speaking tips have helped you speak with confidence and the impact it has had on your work.
• REFER us to someone in your network. We’d be honored for a personal introduction.

We welcome introductions to organizations investing in the professional development of their teammates and associations planning conferences for their members.

When you introduce us to someone in your network, we will send you one of our new “Pause and Breathe” thermoses. Please email our Business Manager Meghan Gonzalez for questions, to brainstorm ideas, or to receive our referral template.

We truly thank each and every one of you who have allowed us to help thousands of men and women around the world, and we look forward to helping your network.