Speaking Confidently

Laura came to GPS to learn how to speak with confidence and improve her presence. She wanted to be able to share her valuable insights and make a name for herself within her company.

Over the last decade, Laura worked hard to establish herself in her career and become a critical member of her organization, but she still felt like something was holding her back. Most importantly, she noticed that her colleagues who seemed to be able to speak up with ease were getting recognized for their contributions. Laura joined our semi-private coaching program where she was able to build her confidence with three of our fantastic coaches.

“Global Public Speaking helped me focus what I’m speaking about and answer with facts and reasons, rather than just a one-word answer.”

Executive Communication Virtual Academy

A long-time client of ours, a Fortune 50 financial institution, came to us during the pandemic when their sales leaders and market executives needed to seamlessly transition from in-person to virtual communication.

We adapted our customized in-person trainings to the client’s virtual platform in order to create a transformational program that would immediately position their teams to build trust with clients and motivate colleagues in this new environment.

“I can tell who is taking your course and who isn’t. I’m seeing everyone make progress. We are all developing together.

They saw immediate progress in themselves and in each other.

Moving to Virtual

When the 2020 pandemic hit Carly Schlafer’s organization, she and her colleagues quickly realized that they needed to adapt to their new virtual environment – fast. Carly and her colleagues were confident presenting in person, but they needed to learn how to bring that same energy and professionalism to virtual meetings. Carly needed to ensure that her team felt comfortable with the technology and shed the familiar stereotype that virtual communications are glitchy, cold, and boring. In order to quickly get her team up to speed – and ahead of the curve – Carly met with Global Public Speaking to build a targeted, customzied training program for her team called “Moving to Virtual Meetings, Pitches, and Presentations.”

“The guidelines and strategies my team and I learned were directly used three months later for a 75-person training call. The training was a huge success.”