1. What is Global Public Speaking?
We are a global training firm that teaches public speaking and presentation skills. We work with emerging and established leaders to help them speak with confidence and authenticity in their meetings, pitches, and presentations.
2. Where are you located? Where do you do work?

Our HQ is in Washington, DC, but we work with clients on-site and virtually across the globe.

3. What services does GPS offer?

We offer four main product lines:
1:1 Executive Communication Coaching (in-person or virtual) to help you prepare for an upcoming speaking event or to improve your business communication skills overall
Ace Acclerator, Group Workshops or Training for a larger group of participants, to take place at one of your meetings, off-sites, conferences, or as a stand-alone training program
Keynote Speeches and Book Talks by our Founder/CEO Allison Shapira
Virtual Training, a series of high-impact virtual coaching and training programs for dispersed teams

4. What distinguishes your program from others?
When you work with Global Public Speaking, you are working with a professional, organized team. We serve as your planning partners and will work with you from start to finish to produce a meaningful, skill-building program.

We know your team is busy, and we ensure that every single minute has been crafted to optimize the learning process. Each training is customized to the exact needs and goals of the participants and the company.

Our exercises are unique, fun, and engaging. People will not recognize how much time has passed, and at the end of a 2-day training, they’ll say they wish there were more!

Our methodology works. Years later, participants continue to email us, saying they are still using what they have learned and have paid it forward to others on their team.

5. What’s unique about Global Public Speaking?
Our founder and CEO, Allison Shapira, is a former opera singer who has been teaching public speaking for over 15 years. She teaches a graduate-level communication course at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she received her master’s degree, and is the author of the best-selling book Speak with Impact: How to Command the Room and Influence Others (HarperCollins Leadership).

Our other trainers and coaches each have 20+ years of experience teaching public speaking, presentation skills, media skills, and related topics. All our trainers and coaches have been certified in our Speak with Impact training methodology.

Every single member of our team embodies the skills we teach others. We live and breathe what we do.

6. I don’t give speeches, but I give presentations all day long. Do you help with that?
Yes. We define public speaking as anytime you speak with one person or more with some goal. Therefore, every conference call, video chat, pitch, presentation, or networking event is a public speaking opportunity. Our methodology helps you in each of those situations.
7. What types of organizations do you work with?
We work with private-sector companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies around the world. We do not specialize in any one industry. Instead, we specialize in a process that can be applied to any industry.
8. Do you customize your programs?
Yes. Every single program is customized to your needs. Nothing is canned or cookie-cutter. We use examples, stories, and recommendations that are directly related to the kind of speaking you and your team do.

Please contact us anytime with more questions.
We look forward to talking with you and to helping your team speak with confidence and authenticity!