Invest in Your Emerging or Established Leaders

If your leaders are specialized professionals in their industry, but they lack the communication skills to explain their expertise to others…

If your organization is siloed and needs to build strong relationships among divisions…

If you can’t put your promising talent in front of clients or the board of directors…

Form a Cohort

The GPS Leadership Academy is an intensive 4-6 month training program we developed after working with some of the world’s largest organizations. It is customized for your organization and designed to improve performance, retention, and organizational culture. 

Our Leadership Academy includes:

  • Analysis of communication culture, skill-sets, and expectations
  • Diagnosis of goals and areas of improvement
  • Intimate small-group workshops
  • Real-world exercises designed around your company’s speaking needs
  • One-on-one communication coaching
  • Internal leadership events
  • Formal graduation and certificate of completion
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In This Program, Participants Will:

  • Roleplay their most important internal and external speaking situations
  • Build skills to help them win more business and represent their organization at its best
  • Learn how to take on more high-profile leadership roles
  • Seek out and become mentors and sponsors within the organization

What Our Clients Are Saying

Your Leaders Are the Future.

Propel Their Success.