In October 2022, Global Public Speaking launched AMPLIFY, a new AI-powered instant public speaking practice platform utilizing 

Following the launch, I hosted a LinkedIn Live to share how I learned about AI and its application within the public speaking industry. I also wanted our network to hear first-hand from Varun Puri, Yoodli’s co-founder, about his motivation for developing the platform and why I chose to work with his company.  

Interestingly, growing up in India and then coming to the U.S. for college, Varun observed that many people like him were missing out on opportunities because they weren’t able to communicate effectively. In India, the emphasis is on studying math and science and not on social skills like public speaking. 

Throughout the Live session, Varun went on to describe how AI + human collaboration can be a game-changer for the future of public speaking and gave a real-time demo of the tool in action.  

Allison Shapira and Varun Puri Discuss AI


In this related post, How AI Can Improve Your Public Speaking, I shared some of the many benefits of AI-powered practice that we’re experiencing with our clients and included a brief demo of our customized application, AMPLIFY.

I’m excited to continue sharing this powerful practice platform with our clients and how AI combined with workshops and coaching can take your public speaking skills to the next level.