What a great experience doing my first LinkedIn Live video! I decided to launch this “Speak with Impact” series to address some of the most common challenges my team and I were hearing in our workshops and coaching sessions. If you can’t join one of our leadership communication programs, you can still learn critical speaking skills to grow your career and your professional impact.

In this first video, I addressed the topic of brevity and highlighted a few key points, including: 

  • The more you say, the less your audience hears
  • The more senior the person you’re speaking to, generally, the less of their time you have
  • You can cut your content in two main ways: reduce the number of points you cover, or (and) reduce the amount of time you spend on each point

On the broadcast, I loved seeing colleagues and clients tune in from around the world. They asked outstanding questions such as:

  • How do you choose what to cut out of your presentation?
  • What do you do when your subject matter is really complex?
  • What if your three points have a lot of nuance to them?

If you couldn’t join us but would like answers to the above questions, please watch it here:


Join us on Friday, February 4 at noon for our next LinkedIn Live series. Click here for more info