What is Public Speaking?

We define public speaking very broadly: anytime you speak with one person or more with a purpose or goal.

Every meeting, pitch, networking event, and presentation is a public speaking opportunity.

Our clients understand they have opportunities to practice public speaking every time they speak. For decades, they have used our strategies to improve their communication skills in order to build trust with key stakeholders and speak up on behalf of themselves or their organizations.

As professionals move up in their careers, they have increasing opportunities to use their communication skills in the act of leadership, bringing people together around a shared vision.

Global Public Speaking Methodology

We are experts in leadership communication. Our proven methodology – rooted in practical, skill-building techniques, practice, and feedback – has helped Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies around the world:

  • Learn and master the communication skills required to build relationships that help win new business, aid in client retention, and ethically persuade key stakeholders
  • Provide their top talent with skills to help them move into positions of leadership
  • Develop their authentic and genuine communication style
  • Own their right to speak

Meet Our Team

How We Partner With Organizations

  • The ACE Accelerator: Our Signature Program
    Build Awareness, instill Confidence, and create lifelong Excellence in leadership communication skills with our cohort-building series customized to your team’s day-to-day responsibilities and goals. Learn more about ACE Accelerator.
  • Group Workshops for Customized In-House Training
    Sharpen your employees’ speaking skills in meetings, pitches, and presentations with training focused on practical, skill-building techniques that incorporate role play, simulation, and peer coaching. Learn more about Global Public Speaking Workshops.
  • Private Communication Coaching for Key Leaders
    Invest in a select group of emerging or established leaders by providing 1:1 communication coaching to help them sharpen their skills and build their confidence.

For Organizations

How We Partner with Individuals

Public speaking is a skill built with practice, feedback, and repetition. Work with a GPS Coach using a customized program to help you achieve your specific goals. Learn about our Individual Coaching Programs.

For Individuals

Working with
Global Public Speaking

We have a proven four-step process for understanding your unique challenges and providing tailored solutions to enhance your organization’s communication skills.

  • Step 1: Discovery & Needs Analysis
    We get to know your organization’s specific communication challenges and goals
  • Step 2: Solutions Alignment
    We suggest programs and services customized to fit your needs
  • Step 3: Program Management
    We work with you to create interactive exercises that relate to your team’s day-to-day responsibilities
  • Step 4: Ongoing Support
    We identify ways to be a continuous resource

Learn how we can support you.

On-Demand Training

Public Speaking Online Training shown on different devices

For Organizations: Microlearning Video Series

Learn foundational leadership communication strategies and how to apply them in 5 minutes or less. Host our 4k microlearning videos on your internal learning management system and use our detailed workbook for self-guided and peer-to-peer learning and practice.

person looking at laptop with Global Public Speaking video playing

For Individuals: On-Demand Online Training

Learn to speak with confidence at your own pace. At the end of the program, you’ll have a powerful, repeatable framework for writing, practicing, and delivering a speech or presentation in any setting.

Allison Saphira standing in front of computer on a stand with microphone

WFH Tools

A compilation of resources for those who work from home (WFH), stepping up your professional presence from your home office, and managing through uncertainty. These free resources from the Global Public Speaking family help you build impactful speaking skills from your temporary or permanent home office.

Meet the Team Ready to Help You Sharpen Your Skills

Our team of experts will help you speak with confidence and authenticity in your meetings, pitches, and presentations. With backgrounds that range from messaging to sales leadership to journalism, each trainer and coach brings their expertise, experience, and passion to their work with you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Learn how we can support you.