Meet our CEO and Founder, Allison Shapira

Allison Shapira is the Founder/CEO of Global Public Speaking LLC, a communication training firm that works with emerging and established leaders to help them speak clearly, concisely, and confidently.

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Trainers and Coaches

Casey Carpenter

GPS Trainer and Senior Coach

Casey Carpenter comes to Global Public Speaking with an impressive background as a professional speaker, coach, and mentor with expertise in sales, leadership, and confidence.

Bill Beaman

GPS Trainer and Senior Coach

Bill Beaman comes to Global Public Speaking after 30 years in journalism and extensive experience teaching and coaching in media training, public speaking, and branding.

John Watkis

GPS Trainer and Senior Coach

John Watkis comes to Global Public Speaking as an international speaker, author, coach, and performer who helps leaders find their rhythm when they get up to speak.

Global Public Speaking coach Jenifer Samuel Chance

Jennifer Samuel Chance

GPS Trainer and Coach

Jennifer Samuel Chance comes to Global Public Speaking with 24 years of experience as an international speaker, speech performance coach and performing storyteller.

Administrative Team

Sarah Turkel

Director of Operations

Sarah Turkel plays an integral role at Global Public Speaking as the Director of Operations. Her expertise helps the company grow & helps its clients flourish.

Cara Paulan

Chief Operating Officer

Cara brings ten years of experience in the speaking and events industries and is passionate about helping our clients solve their problems.

Global Public Speaking VP of Sales Kim Fredrich

Kim Fredrich

Vice President of Sales

Kim is a B2B sales specialist who believes selling is really about serving – connecting services that solve problems to the people who are experiencing those problems.

Shaun Greenspan


Shaun comes to Global Public Speaking after 11 years in Los Angeles, CA as a writer, director, producer, and cinema enthusiast.

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