A LinkedIn connection recently shared a quote from the author Anne Lamott: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

So many of us can identify with that quote, especially as we approach a new season, a new change in our workflow, and continued global uncertainty.

Regardless of whether or not you take time off this month, here are three ways to center yourself before a meeting, presentation, or difficult conversation.

1. Take a break before you speak

Pause your notifications, silence your devices, and do something physical. Go for a walk, run, or simply stretch your body. Let your mind drift instead of focusing on all your tasks for the day. My most creative ideas happen during this time.

2. Do something that makes you feel good

In our virtual workshops, we started playing music before the start and during breaks. We initially did it for our participants, but then we realized that our training team needed the music just as much. It gave us energy and made us smile. Find what makes you smile, whether it’s a photo or a song, and spend a few minutes with it.

3. Spend a few moments focusing on your breath

Right before speaking up in a meeting or clicking on that Zoom link, take a few breaths in and out. Breathe in through your nose on a count of 3, and out on a count of 4. This rhythm will help calm and center you so you are ready for whatever comes next.

You can practice these three steps in the brief minutes in-between meetings, or you can make time at the start and mid-point of every day to unplug and reset. It will have a powerful impact on your confidence, your presence, and your relationships