Saying No With Confidence

How can you say “no” to a colleague, client, or important stakeholder while keeping your relationship intact?

Public speaking is more than just giving a pitch or presentation; it’s about protecting what you value. In many cases, it’s using your voice to say “no”: to an unfair request, an outdated practice, or an unjust situation. “No” is the keyword of change.

Based on the bestselling book by negotiation and mediation expert William Ury, The Power of a Positive No, you’ll learn a finely-tuned 3-step process that will help you connect with your own source of strength in order to confidently and diplomatically say no to a request or demand.

Participants will practice with real-life scenarios, develop their own responses, and leave with greater confidence and skill that they can immediately apply to their most important professional situations.


  • Key takeaways
    • Build confidence in saying “no”
    • Learn a framework for saying “no”
    • Develop a repeatable process for the future

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